visd ampersand

Victoria ISD is seeking public input in choosing the district’s official ampersand logo representing students finding their ‘And’. 

A poll will be available to the public through the new School Matters e-newsletter from Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 2:30 p.m. until Thursday, Nov. 18 at 2:30 p.m. There will be three logos for the community to vote on.

The logo has great value to the district and its students. It is the district’s goal to have 100% of its students each year having found their ‘And’, meaning they will leave high school prepared for a successful launch into career, military, college, and life in order to be contributing members of society.

The ampersand reflects a key Finding of VISD students Finding their ‘And’ in the District Strategic Plan. 

Key Findings in the District Strategic Plan are goals captured by the VISD Strategic Planning Committee, which included the VISD Board of Trustees, administration, key community leaders, teachers, students, and parents. For students, finding their ‘And’ has many directions, including:

  • Through multiple opportunities of exposure, experience, and pursuit all students will explore pathways for learning through project-based, traditional, and technology-rich learning experiences and will engage in additional opportunities for advanced learning.

  • Through flexible and fluid career-focused pathways students will have the opportunities to pursue training and career-focused courses. 

  • Academic and technical skills will be integrated throughout all learning opportunities.

  • Innovation will occur at the middle school level by providing choices for students to engage in traditional, technology-rich, project-based learning, or STEM learning environments. 

  • Ensure students will have the opportunities to develop life skills such as but not limited to financial literacy, communication, collaboration, negotiation, and creativity.

  • Through learning experiences, students will develop responsibility and ownership for themselves and others. 

There is a vision the district has that at graduation each year, families and friends will look down and see every single student has found their ‘And’, denoted by the official ampersand logo on their mortarboard.

The poll will only be accessible through the district’s School Matters e-newsletter. Make sure to subscribe before Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 2:30 p.m. to receive the e-newsletter and participate in the poll. Subscribe at