Schorlemmer Elementary

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About Us

Student Enrollment: 435 students

Mission: To maximize the potential of all students and staff by providing an environment that fosters meaningful and diverse learning experiences. 

Vision: Schorlemmer Elementary, where hearts, hands, and minds join together to inspire academic excellence and create life-long learners.

School Song: Schorlemmer Bears
                        (Tune: Adams Family)

Schorlemmer Bears (Snap, Snap)
Schorlemmer Bears (Snap, Snap)

  1. We’re responsible, respectful
    Which makes us all successful
    As we work together
    The awesome Schorlemmer Bears (Snap, Snap)
    Schorlemmer Bears (Snap, Snap)

  2. We always do our best here
    That’s how we have a great year
    As we work together
    The awesome Schorlemmer Bears (Snap, Snap)
    Schorlemmer Bears (Snap, Snap)

Mascot: Bear

School Colors: Red and Black           

Schorlemmer History 

Ella Schorlemmer was born in San Marcos, Texas on November 8, 1916. She received her college degree from what was then known as Southwest Texas State College and started teaching in San Ysidro. Mrs. Schorlemmer moved to Mission Valley and taught grades 1 through 5 in a one-room school house. She also cooked lunch for the students. 

After teaching in that one-room school house, she began teaching at Mission Valley.  Mrs. Schorlemmer also taught at Juan Linn Elementary.  She was a prinicipal at Guadalupe Elementary.  When a counseling program was created, she became the first elementary school counselor in VISD.

She retired in 1982, after 27 years in VISD, and a total of 42 years in teaching and counseling. Her dedication to not only VISD, but to the students, made her the remarkable woman that she was. Ella Schorlemmer passed away on October 19, 2011. 

Schorlemmer Elementary was opened in 2009 and currently has 22 classrooms, a PPCD/Pre-Kinder Full Inclusion Classroom, two special education classrooms, Music teacher, Librarian, PE teacher, computer lad assistant, Art assistant, speech therapist, deaf education classes and a strong PTO, volunteer and WatchDog programs.


  • 2018-Current:  Elizabeth Chandler
  • 2010-2018-Lynn Guerra
  • 2009-2010-Ginger Henry